Master- & Doktoral Theses

Stage 1 - Research Is Fun

On behalf of your supervisor, you collected data that pile up like an inpregnable summit. Now comes the command to consult a statistician. Maybe, the confrontation with the need of methodolical expertise happens earlier, because your superiors appreciate good planning or because you seek tutoring in statistics on your own. If you have to fear insipid contentions with a starched geek as well, I surprise you nicely. The very first value that I offer to you is a symphatic and diverting experience. With me as your guide, you ludically master all of your tasks


and you develop much pleasure and interest in scientific work at an early stage.

Stage 2 - The Most Important Basics

Sometimes your superiors need complex analyses that are out of your reach. In this case, I contact them diretly with the greatest pleasure. As a rule, simple concepts are the scope of the committments that I take from you directly. With me, you acquire them easily. For instance:


The archer hit in 80% of the cases. If he always hits like this, the risk that he hits is 80%. The odds that he hits are 8:2 respectively 4:1. It is unclear if he always hits like this, because, with a 95% probability, his average accuracy lies somewhere between 44% and 97%.


Also here he hit in 80%. Because more information is available than in the previous case, his average accuracy is judgeable with more presicion. With a 95% probability, she lies between 61% und 92%.

Stage 3 - Your Personal Achievement

Collaborations in which I help you to get an academic title up to the doctor’s degree differ in particular from other commitments in that I am your coach. On the one hand, the summit you have to climb is easier than later on in your scientific carrer. On the other hand, you must pull yourself up to prove your own performance.

I train you until you are fit enough to do it, then I show you the way, then I secure you and back you.

The best way to do this are on-site or electronical face-to-face workshops. You collect the data, you calculate,

Stage 4 - Your Excellent Grading

More than anything else, I teach you how to structure and to present your work most favourably. You write, and I correct. Thereby, clarity and transparecy are the name of the game. Whether the project carries the potential of contributing to a healthier population or not, is very important for your supervisor indeed, as is her or his publication success. For your grade though, that for which you are responsible is what plays a role. I want you to become even prouder of yourself.